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Water Removal and Extraction, Mold Removal, Structural Drying

Water In Your Home Can Lead To Mold and Severe Damage To The Structure If Your Home Is Not Dried Properly

1-800-FLOODED® Can Dry Your Home And Prevent Mold From Growing Or Remove The Mold From Your Home or Business

1-800-FLOODED® in Las Vegas

1-800-FLOODED® Offers Water Damage Services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Water damage loss & recovery in Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas water damage professionals will provide the highest quality water damage services avaliable.

Documentation of Water Damage

Our Las Vegas water restoration technicians will professionally document your water damage loss. The documents will be used to insure the job is done properly and will be used to show your insurance company your losses.

Flood damage cleanup service Las Vegas

Our water damage professionals will move furniture and remove belongings from the wet floor to get ready for water removal and water restoration. If there is a need, some of the water damaged contents will be moved to our specialized facility for professional content restoration and cleaning.

Water extraction service Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas water damage professionals will go through the water removal process. Our trained Las Vegas water cleanup technicians will remove water from floors, cabinets and other surfaces, basements and crawl spaces until you are totally satisfied.

Water dehumidification Service in Las Vegas

After all the removable water is cleaned up, we will use special fans and dehumidifiers to evaporate water absorbed in floors, walls, ceilings and carpets. As water evaporates into the air, our commercial dehumidifiers will remove moisture from the air. This process requires special training and expertise. Your home can be damaged further if it is not cleanup and trated properly.

Monitoring Damage Repair in Las Vegas

Water damage technicians will be coming to your property on a regular basis until all your property is completely dried. The technicians will check on the drying equipment to make sure it is working properly . On each visit they will check the progress of your water damage drying process.

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When it comes to water damage you need a professional flood cleanup company that has experience in all types of floods.

Our water damage technicians have worked on all types of floods from pipe breaks to storms and sewage backups.

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