Flood / Storm Damage

Damage to your home or business can be overwhelming and devastating. In times like these it is important to act quickly to protect loved ones, pets and where possible reduce the long term damage to your property.

Call 1800Flooded® (1800-356-6333) to have a Emergency Response Team dispatched to your home.

1800Flooded® Emergency Response Teams are Certified, Licensed and Bonded experts armed with the state of the art water extraction / removal, drying & dehumidifying, cleaning and sanitizing tools in the industry.

Since 1976 Certified Technicians from 1800Flooded® have been restoring homes, businesses and life styles to 1,000’s of flood and storm victims.

Once your loved ones are safe contact us and we can start, where necessary, with ‘Tarp Over and Board Up’ services. Our Emergency Response Teams® are prepared to handle flood or storm damage from minor to catastrophic.